On Friday, April 5, we received in Villa Per Se the happy visit of our friend Joaquín Leguía. The passion with which he transmits his ideas is contagious. Listening to him talk about the innovations he has been working with the Ministry of Education, is an example for all of us who share the concern for our planet. He has managed to land with clarity and in a more friendly way for adults and children a way to institutionalize in the educational centers a sustainability policy within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Having a sustainability policy will help us train our students as agents of change capable of adopting sustainable lifestyles that contribute to their well-being, that of other people and nature. Together, with the entire educational community, we will generate a baseline, and we will commit ourselves to fulfill concerted actions within the framework of 18 objectives (see image), being able to generate indicators that allow us to make visible and disseminate the progress we achieve over time. One of the objectives, and that is transversal to the rest, is “Active Empathy for Life”, which is created from the development of an emotional bond with nature. That is why we will strengthen our green areas as a pedagogical resource and space for the development of empathy and compassion with life.

In relation to this point, the innovation that Joaquín has been working with the Regional Directorate of Education of Lima is to achieve the inclusion of Mother Nature as a new teacher in empathy and compassion in all educational institutions of initial, primary and secondary level in Lima city , using the TiNi spaces (or EsVi which is the name by which the MINEDU institutionalizes the TiNi methodology), such as its classrooms and “reciprocal upbringing” as pedagogy.

Since as Joaquin says:

«Nowadays a school without nature is equivalent to a school without technology.»

Working in this way, Villa Per will become a reference in the adoption and implementation of a sustainability policy for private and public educational institutions in our country. This initiative will educate from the inside out, that is, from school to the community through families and their environment and with children as protagonists of change.

Joaquín Leguía with our director Janice Roeder.