Everyone enjoys travelling. The fact that we haven’t been able to go anywhere this year, by car or airplane, doesn’t mean that on this National Holiday we cannot learn something new about Peru, and travel its beautiful landscapes or taste its rich and varied gastronomy. As well as dance or listen to the typical music of the coast, mountains and jungle.

Leonardo Da Vinci used to say: “you can’t love what you don’t know”. So, let’s learn about what is ours and get to love it more and more. That is what we want at Villa Per Se, that children get to know their country better in order to love it and value its wealth and diversity, history and about our mixed-race, that made of Peru the nation that we know today.

Join us in a virtual tour around Peru through project-based learning:

Project based learning:

Over time, children have been able to recognize the value of what is ours. This has been either by family tradition or by investigating matters of interest and also incentivized by “Proyecto Peru”. This is a project that we have every year during June and July, starting with trips since first grade.

alpaca peru

This year due to the virtuality required, we launched the project “A Virtual Trip Around Peru”, which intention was not only to investigate and learn, but to fall in love with what is ours and to somehow show some of the diversity that we find in our country.

Internal Website:

Our students and teachers have been responsible of taking us, with the magic of their talents, to the different departments of our country. The challenge this year was to build a website to show the investigations and projects that each grade made about a specific department of Peru and oh boy, did they succeed!

torito de pucara

According to their age and together as a community, children could learn and make their projects, creating an “internal website” to share all of their discoveries. Following the teacher’s guidance, many of our students have been able to know or remember visits to different places of Peru and reveal them to their family and friends through technological tools.

We started from general subjects such as flora and fauna, gastronomy and geography, learning that each place is different and possesses wonders for which to be proud of, for our ancestors and for the history that we share.

We want to congratulate all of our students and their parents for their great work and care in this project. They have all helped our community to know more about country and all the beauty that it has. More than ever, we feel proud to be Peruvians.

By: Daniella Broggi Zarzar

Nursery PK Homeroom Teacher