Dear Teachers

I greet you and welcome you to the 2020 second semester. I want to tell you that you were present in my thoughts with my best wishes for health and well-being. I miss your comments and daily occurrences very much. We return full of energy from our vacations to rethink our educational work.

I leave you some reflections that accompanied me during this period and that we will be able to talk about any time you want. You know that my door and my cell phone are always at your disposal.

Educators must be aware that we are experiencing an unprecedented change, which implies strengthening the socio-emotional area of ​​our students by instilling spiritual intelligence and values ​​such as resilience, which implies maintaining the struggle spirit, encouragement, strength, patience, etc. without bowing despite the adverse circumstances.

As teachers we are committed to everyone’s learning and we must work on the how. The teacher is creative, imaginative, inventor, wise, tireless, a fighter, a group leader and despite the distance we are still guides.

The confinement has produced a return to the traditional format of «dictating» class (now through a virtual medium) and the child who receives or learns. The true learning is in the relationship with others, it is the one that makes it possible to build, appropriate, resignify based on interaction, dialogue, in inquisitive students and curious teachers who discover with their kids new knowledge.

education with love

The key to education in pandemic times is to seek the relationship with daily life, reality, to provoke interests of students and to seek their relationship with their close community. It is in this encounter with others, with what they think, with what they feel, with what they dream through various resources, where the possibility of educating becomes true.

For this purpose, strategies are required that transcend the teacher’s one-way communication with the student and that enable a relationship with their community. For this we must promote communication between kids and their peers through the electronic media, but also with books where they can discover their favorite authors or where they can investigate topics of their interest.

Another key to educate is love, it is the engine that drives our actions whether the are about training or accompaniment. It is the what and why and it translates into patience to explain over and over again without getting tired, and it allows us to resist adversity with strength. If love is your primary key to educating, it will always lead you to success.

Good humor and positive thinking are other essential components in our task of educating. We must get up with courage, optimism, joy, and  see the great challenges as allies and not as enemies; be educators with a vocation, with a passion for educating. Let’s find more creative ways to work and touch their hearts. For this, we need a lot of mental flexibility to be able to adapt and transform. If we add the attitude of openness and collaborative work, the result can be a good basis to promote the great changes that education needs and thus move towards the new educational paradigm, having educators as designers of learning experiences and protagonists of the change.

We must continue thinking about how to promote from the distance that we have to live with, the building of bonds and affectivity necessary in all human relationships. Change the course of both individual and group learning to continue leaving a mark and showing evidence of the path taken. Promote students to become aware and discover their role in this process. Thus, generating from all areas, conversations between students so that they can put into practice their critical thinking, social empathy and creativity, and other tools that allow them to live in this era from empowerment and participation.


Let us take this conjecture as an opportunity to advance in terms of our digital teaching and tools, attending diversity, walking towards excellence, integrating knowledge, and developing the socio-emotional skills of our students.

A big hug!

By Janice Roeder – Principal