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About Us

Villa Per Se

The world is changing day by day and we are challenged to form human beings that are conscious, innovative, excellent in academics and emotionally stable, to face it effectively.

Important virtues to achieve are flexibility and adaptation. Our installations include spaces designed to learn inside and outside of the classroom such as food gardens, a science lab, a mini-farm, a Maker Space (design center with 3D printing), a carpentry workshop, art rooms, and a mindfulness space, among others. Projects are developed within these different locations, which gives them the flexibility and adaptability to overcome any challenge.

Since early childhood, we consider the love and care of the planet through the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) as an important axis in our work, to ensure our students grow up to be changemakers.

Our vision integrates all aspects of the human being and its needs, not only material, but also emotional and mental. We train our students by instilling a sense of community among themselves, their teachers, and their parents.

LEED Platinum Certification

We are the first school in all of the Americas, except the United States, that has achieved LEED certification at the Platinum level by the U.S. Green Building Council, being one of the 29 schools in the world to obtain this category and one of only five from outside the United States. This certification was achieved by not just one, but two buildings, the Early Years and Primary buildings.


We are partners of CALA and Educa +, an organization concerned with a nation wide education. In this network, we are a model of a transformation school, which is why we regularly receive visits from public and private institutions with which we have the opportunity to share our ideas about modern education. We also promote project work, offer strategies to educate emotions, and show them how we take care of the environment, among others, while being nourished by the experiences from other schools.

Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC)

We are members of the most important network of english-speaking schools in Latin America, with whom we share experiences and strategies that enrich our school and at the same time we can contribute to the growth of our partners from our innovative educational approach.

Peruvian Nordic Commercial Chamber

Villa Per Se closely follows the finnish system, which is very similar to our, as well as the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway. That have some of the best global indices in ethics, honesty, happiness, equality and well-being. In general, values that we hope to achieve with our students to contribute to our local and global society.

ASHOKA Changemaker School

Due to our methodology and respect for the students, the global community ASHOKA, concerned with the situation of education in the world, has certified us as a Transforming School. Incorporating us into its international network, where we share with other schools ideas of change in education and the formation of changemakers.

LEED Gold Certification

LEED Gold category certification by the U.S. Green Building Council was awarded to our administration building. Our three school buildings are LEED certified, one at the Gold level and two at the Platinum level.

Meet our school

We invite you to watch our video to appreciate the magnificent infrastructure of our school.


Villa Per Se is associated with organizations that share a passion for excellence
in education, and understand the difference quality education makes to
learners and their communities.

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