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condor peruano
Everyone enjoys travelling. The fact that we haven’t been able to go anywhere this year, by car or airplane, doesn’t mean that on this National Holiday we cannot learn something new about Peru, and travel its beautiful landscapes or taste its rich and varied gastronomy. As well as dance or listen to the typical music of...
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aprender oficios
Every year in the Patriotic Month, it is a tradition that in Villa Per Se takes one of the 14 trades which are an important part of our methodology and make a beautiful presentation for our families. This year due to the conjunctural crisis, virtuality imposed a new challenge on us, involving students to strengthen their national...
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Unlike other years when children went to school and most parents left home for work, this year we are spending much more time together as a family. Although this may provide us with a greater possibility of sharing, coexistence can be a challenge since each member of the family has different personalities and opinions. Many times...
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When the virtual classes started, many questions came to my mind. The two main ones were: how to make everyone feel included in the classroom and what can I do to make everyone understand what is being taught? At first, I couldn’t find the answers to these questions; however, day by day as the virtual classes...
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Social consciousness is the mental action through which a person is able to observe the state of other people within a community. This is a particular type of consciousness, it allows us to relate healthily in society, it establishes empathetic relationships with the people around us. This type of consciousness is vital for the correct development...
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