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Meet our school

We invite you to watch our video to appreciate the magnificent infrastructure of our school.

Our architecture

The Villa Per Se architecture has been carried out with Sacred Geometry on an area of around 43,000 m2 that allows one to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of this avant-garde design as well as large green areas, among which is a bio-garden and TiNi forest of almost 3,000 m2 for children to design, plant, care for, harvest and finally use to cook and consume.

Sacred Geometry in theological terms means “how God created the universe” and in scientific terms, “how energy moves”. From a bird’s eye view, one can see shapes similar to that of a snail, in astronomical dimensions, is similar to that of a galaxy, while in microscopic dimensions, the way DNA is wound. That spiral is Fibonacci, presented in every aspect in the proportions of nature, including the human body.

From the first stage, the Early Years and Primary classrooms (impressive circular pavilion) stand out with a hexagonal base, similar to that of our DNA under the microscope, allowing the best distribution of energy without allowing it to be stagnate in the corners, favoring better learning. The Administration building is a Cube, ideal for this purpose.

To complement our campus, the sound of the sea, with its negative ions that generate a great positive impact of calm on living beings, makes Villa Per Se a paradise for those who have the pleasure of belonging to this community.

Bioclimatic architecture

Each room has had a thermal comfort study, each and every room, every month of the year, to achieve coolness in the warmest months of the year and warmth in the coldest, without the need for air conditioning or heating equipment that consume electrical energy. If we add to this that during the day it is not necessary to turn on the LED lights installed throughout the school, thanks to their good natural lighting, and that the hot springs are solar, we have achieved energy efficiencies never seen before, which, together with our Sustainability

and teaching practices have earned us the LEED Certification in the Platinum category, an achievement achieved by only 29 schools in the world and of which only 5 outside the United States of America have achieved.

We have paid special attention to all the details that make this project unique as a place to learn, enjoy, share and, in short, live in harmony, since every child or young person spends half or more of their time in the school.

Circular Economy

The concept of circular economy has been part of Villa Per Se since its commencement. What companies consider waste or trash, has value in this beautiful project.

The gray waters are recycled to irrigate the wide green areas and organic and inorganic waste are also recycled, classifying and separating them.

Grass clippings, organic kitchen waste, our healthy kiosk waste, and paper and cardboard are mixed with water to create compost and compost bio. Compost is food for our worms and provides us with humus and biol of humus, the best natural fertilizers in the world.

Wow, the garbage has value!

Our students learn this, they live it day by day and they will apply it in their future companies, making them more efficient and respectful of the environment.

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