The best investment

The payment of the entrance fee is made upon acceptance of the child to the school. The following table details the admission fee per child:

Child Admission fee
First child US$ 8,000
Second child US$ 6,500
Third child US$ 5,000
Children of foreigners US$ 3,500*

This amount is a mandatory contribution, of which US $ 3,500 will be applied for structure expenses and general services that the College requires and US $ 4,500 will be implemented to compensate in a proportional way the studies of the applicant.

If the student is withdrawn from the School, they are entitled to a partial refund, that is, the remaining US $ 4,500 will be divided by the years that are left to complete the entire school stage and will be multiplied by the years they were in the school after the Third year. And the resulting amount will be the refund amount.

In this sense, the father, mother or guardian of the student acknowledges and accepts that the amount of US $ 3,500 is as part of the entrance fee paid to the College, and that it is for a service effectively rendered for the years indicated in the preceding paragraph and that there will be no returns of any kind. In the year 2021 we will have an adjustment in pensions between 3% and 5% approx.

* Foreigners: consult economic policy in the Admission Department.

Pensions and Payments

Grade Enrollment Pension
Nursery and Prekinder S/. 1,600.00

S /. 1,600 for 10 months (March - December)

Other Grades S/. 2,250.00

S/. 2,250 por 10 meses (March - December)


Children who enter after the beginning of the month must pay the full school board for that month. The last school board will be canceled in the month of December.