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Inclusion from Virtuality

When the virtual classes started, many questions came to my mind. The two main ones were: how to make everyone feel included in the classroom and what can I do to make everyone understand what is being taught?

At first, I couldn’t find the answers to these questions; however, day by day as the virtual classes were carried out more regularly, I was implementing and finding many strategies that could include everyone in class and that could make them learn and understand new topics. It can seem difficult, but it is important to understand that children are different and that they learn in different ways, which makes each one of them unique, and with that uniqueness, they can complement each other.

That is why together we are all learning from each other and from the different topics that are being taught because teachers are also in a constant learning process. We start our day with structure since I consider that each child should have his day structured from the beginning. That is, to have a notion of what he is going to do during each day of the week so that they can be prepared and know what is needed to be done at every hour of his school day.  A schedule is always a good tool and it can be done on the computer or by themselves; the second option may be the most fun because each of them can create fun drawings that symbolize the activity to be carried out and feel that he is a fundamental piece of his learning process and of his achievements.

This structure consists of giving schedules in anticipation, knowing what they are going to do, and also letting them know in advance about the materials needed. This must be done in the live sessions and also in the asynchronous ones since, at that moment, he will have to complete the activity that is scheduled by himself.

In addition to having a good structure, they must know and be able to understand the subject to be taught. The vocabulary with the meaning of the words and an image is a good support because sometimes they may not know the meaning of what they read or hear, whether it is in their native language or not. An image can help the child as a guide, and with this he will be able to understand better what is taught. 

Apart from having an image or representation as a guide, it is essential to have friends as guides too, so that everyone can guide and help each other because as mentioned, we are all different, and in these differences, we all amazingly complement each other. Also, the idea of forming a great team in which there is no leader and where each one of the teammates is the leader himself. The kids can alternate the lead in different fields so that they can all learn from the incredible knowledge and wonderful ideas of each other. To make this work, values must be promoted, both in class and at home. This will help the child become a better person, treat everyone with kindness, learn from his own mistakes, understand what others may be feeling, and be united. It is really important to use all of these tools and others that may appear along the way. Also, it is fundamental that everyone can be included in the classroom and that everyone can help each other so that they can learn together as an amazing team.

By Valeria Guzman – 3rd grade homeroom teacher

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