“Today’s education does not lack more hours of mathematics, or language, or geography. Today’s education is lacking soul ”. (PABLO ARRIBAS, The Universe of the Simple – 2013)

All parents seek the best education for their children, basically, because they want the best for them, and they want them to be successful and happy. In these times, the diversity of schools, the different methods and results, as well as competition, make moms and dads put priorities in some situations. But it is not necessary to oppose success and excellence in a school that is fun and works from feelings.

«The main problem we are facing today is not the lack of theoretical or practical knowledge – areas in which we are highly qualified – but personal insecurity, lack of authenticity and fears to shout to the world that we have the right to be who we are. We are and do what we love ”(PABLO ARRIBAS, The Universe of the Simple – 2013)

We at Villa Per We receive every year children with high capacities and desire to learn, looking for their own way of knowing the world and skills to relate to others as is the nature of everything.

We are aware that each child comes from their reality and has a particular intelligence and love that makes them bond with the world around them, in addition to demonstrating that each one is unique and special. Here we want to enhance this intelligence and strengthen the natural love of each boy and girl so that together we can continue learning throughout the years.

“For Howard Gardner, intelligence is not a unitary set that groups together different specific capacities, but a network of interrelated autonomous sets. He defends that, just as there are many types of problems to solve, there are also many types of intelligences, which can be adapted and applied to their resolution.” (Multiple Intelligences – Alejandro Pérez, PMP)

Teachers take the time to get to know each of our students and see how they shine, know what makes them happy, what their challenges are and prepare situations for them that help them develop learning and life tools by providing space to live in these times and those to come.

“The notion of excellence is related to the idea of ​​perfection and outstanding characteristics. The term indicates that which is above the rest and that has few weak points; in the world of training, educational excellence is understood as an important contribution to the most outstanding values ​​of education and its environment, always under the premises of quality, excellent service to students, innovation, seriousness and above all the added value that is contributes to students through training. ” (www.premiosexcelenciaeducativa.org)

Achieving excellence does not only mean obtaining the best academic results, but that each student can know themselves, value themselves, know how to manage their emotions, relate to others and develop their best way of learning, without forgetting that there are other possibilities to reach the goal that is proposed to them. A boy or girl who learns from love, who feels safe and valued, can achieve the impossible.

At Villa Per Se we are committed to training human beings who develop their intelligence from love to achieve excellence and be prepared for a world full of challenges and that needs citizens who really want to make a change in humanity.

Daniella Broggi Zarzar
Nursery Teacher 2020