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Villa Per Se

VPS student learning knows no bounds. Although we take into account the educational guidelines of Peru when developing the projects, the discoveries and research that are unleashed do not have limits, leading students to develop great experiences that include academic aspects and an experiential part, which is achieved through a balance between both aspects, taking the projects beyond what is expected by the teachers thanks to the incredible curiosity aroused in the students themselves.

At VPS, we have as a priority that, from the moment the child enters, they are aware of their being, which is why we practice mindfulness exercises at the beginning of each day that lead them to start the day relaxed, conscious, with an open mind and with a better disposition to investigate and learn. We hope that they establish this as a routine in their lives and achieve an emotional balance thanks to this practice. Being a holistic school, we understand the person as an integrated being of mind, body and spirit, seeking to attend to each of these aspects. Likewise, we want to develop in our students their wisdom so that they can make the best decisions in their lives and be fair citizens, entrepreneurs, competent leaders for the benefit of their country and agents of change. Having efficient emotional management, we can go towards excellence, since overflowing emotions are the biggest obstacle to learning; hence we attach so much importance to this aspect.


How do we use the ASIRI methodology at Villa Per Se?

We work 9 transdisciplinary projects a year that are correlated and linked. Each project is divided into three stages: Feeling, doing and thinking that we call: Engage, Create and Reflect. These have the same transversal themes from Early Years to the highest grades. However, in each grade we give a different approach to the proposed topics.

ASIRI uses trades in projects, turning them into tools that allow students to understand the themes and activate their will, achieving the integration of the two cerebral hemispheres. seven of them are internal (right hemisphere of the brain) and seven are external (left hemisphere of the brain).

Internal Trades: painting, music, dance, theater, sculpture, cooking and philosophy.

External Trades: engineering, construction, carpentry, textiles, ceramics, astronomy and agriculture.

Our Philosophy

We are firmly convinced that the key to success is having happy children and parents because happiness gives the individual and their community the possibility of enjoying life. Then everything becomes easier to learn and one can live in harmony with themselves and their environment. Happiness increases the capacity of the immune system and keeps diseases away, something that science has recently discovered.

Family Time

Villa Per Se is conceived with the idea that the child must have quality time with their family. To this end, we have focused work at home in such a way that children have time for reading and a time for research on a daily basis and carry out some assignments that are requested depending on the project they are working on and that the children themselves can perform in a reasonable time, thus developing their independence and autonomy, avoiding tedious or meaningless tasks for students.

Care for the Planet

Our sustainability approach guides teachers, students and the educational community to work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations from school, in order to contribute to caring for the planet.

At Villa Per Se, students have the opportunity to observe how water is recycled, how energy is generated with solar panels and how electricity supply is minimized with a good bioclimatic design. They use dry urinals, recycle daily, and practice responsible consumerism in their homes and communities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Within the framework of our Innovation and Technology program, our students participate in the STEAM education program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and Social Innovation UTK STEAM Labs, which helps the development of digital skills in order to inspire in our students the interest in Science and Technology, increasing the percentage of vocations for Science and Engineering careers. It also seeks to develop Social Innovation projects that solve problems of the communities of our country and the world. Villa Per Se is a pioneer in implementing the design and manufacturing of 3D laboratories at the elementary level since this program is worked in other schools from the 3rd year of high school.

English immersion

English is an essential tool to develop in the globalized world today and we are giving vital importance to total immersion since our students join the school. In 5th grade of Primary, students have French classes to learn and manage a third language as well.

English immersion takes place naturally because we use it through trades and projects to engage them and children get excited about the proposed activities without feeling the language as a barrier, on the contrary, it is a tool to communicate globally and express what they learn.


We consider sport and its discipline very important for the formation of a person. Today’s sports require that those who practice them be athletes, so we start at an early age working on coordination, psychomotricity and later, athletics, as the base sport. We use sports as an important tool for play in the early stages and for competition in the final years of Primary and Secondary. Our goal is for our students to incorporate sports into their daily routine.

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