As we live in a world that is always changing, at times we have to stop and look at what surrounds us, Mother Nature and appreciate what harvest our Pachamama provides us. Connecting mindfulness with nutrition always delivers a great recipe. Nowadays, we get easily lost in technology and other distractions and this class aims to reconnect us once again. The core of this course is to reestablish the fundamentals and passion for a proper home-cooked meal, with no added preservatives.

We can all remember the first expressions we made when we tasted something made by ourselves. The food students consume during school hours is likely to make up of around 40% of children’s calories. It’s vital that these meals are providing a rich sources of nutrients and minerals with minimum exposure to added sweetener and refined grains. This education should be taught at home and school and implemented into children’s daily habits. Healthy cooking and wellness connects mindfulness activities while providing healthy alternative recipes. I believe if we reconnect our passion for cooking, beautiful things will happen.

By Luis Miguel Gonzales (4th Grade Homeroom Teacher)