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Our philosophy: "Feel, Do and Think"

“Per Se” means a capable person, who trusts themself, is a protagonist, supportive, committed and inclusive. We always aim for a holistic (integral) vision, paying attention to the body, heart and mind. It must always start from dialogue, cultivating the healing power of peace, joy and love that is within us, instead of judging and labeling. If we have this vision, that label, seeing it positively as a virtue, may be a sign that indicates great potential for development in this regard.


Villa Per Se is an educational institution that cultivates values and principles for the formation of wise, conscious human beings, capable of expressing and managing their emotions to reach their spiritual, physical and intellectual potential and fight for their life’s mission in the search to achieve a better world for their own development as a spiritual being.


We offer a quality education in an environment of joy, fun and innovation in search of forming empathetic, autonomous citizens with the capacity for global change.


The values we have considered to represent the heart of the school are unity, empathy and resilience. These three values encompass many others and cover all dimensions:



On a personal level, knowing yourself as a being with a united mind, body and spirit. But also, Unity refers to the fact that we are all One and thus, we unite with our family, community, city, country and universe.


Developing empathy makes us aware of the other, respecting and tolerating them. By putting yourself in another person’s shoes, you can see their needs, you can understand them and do what you can to help them.


In their school life, we give students different strategies to overcome all the adversities that come their way and to get up every time they fall, preparing them for situations in which they must reinvent themselves in their lives. Flexibility and adaptability are key to these goals, especially in these times of continuous change.

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