In life there are many situations that take our smile away. But today we want to remind you of the importance of smiling on a daily basis and how different it is to face adversity with a smile on your face, since your posture towards life changes completely, for the same reason, your reality is contagious with good energy, despite temporary adversity.

According to Neuro Linguistic Programming, human physiology manages to modify our mood by smiling, since we send the brain the signal that we are happy, that everything is as it should be and the brain believes us. This is because the mind fails to distinguish thought from external reality. Understanding this, if we smile or behave in a positive way, our brain is convinced that everything is wonderful and at that point the mind feels capable of doing great things and finding the right solution to any problem. In addition, smiling produces adrenaline and dopamine, hormones that release natural morphines, which cause decreased pain and tension, allowing a state of relaxation and tranquility.

From another point of view, smiling attracts positive people to us, gives security, confidence and the feeling of well-being. Perhaps the best thing about the smile is that it is highly contagious, so when we give it away, we inevitably receive it back. The smile is a universal gesture and has great power of communication. It is a great exercise, increases confidence, is good for the skin, improves digestion, balances mood and makes you live longer.