Definitely, your work these days has demonstrated your commitment, perseverance and passion for what you do. You have effectively adapted to these circumstances that we have to live as a country, reflecting the Villa Per Se values ​​(unity, resilience and empathy) in every task that we do.

That is why we seek to repay this great work with strategies to calm anxiety and stress, emotions that many of us may be experiencing right now.

For those who are feeling anxious:

  1. You cannot know what is coming next, but surely with this experience you will grow in many facets of your life.
  2. Your perseverance to keep going each day is a sign of courage on its own.
  3. At this time, that feeling of peace may feel far away as you try to adapt to these new changes in your routine but don’t worry, it will come back.

But we hope you remember this:

  1. The work you are doing is something very brave and exemplary for all your students.
  2. For this reason, let’s continue learning to exhale and let go to feel better and be able to give the best of yourselves.

Some strategies to calm down


  1. Position yourself in a place where you feel you can calm down, relax and take deep breaths for 3 minutes.
  2. Let go of the shoulders and do a gentle turn of the neck.
  3. Massage your hands and bring all your attention to it.
  4. Take a bath with cold water.
  5. Hug a loved one, a pet, or your pillow.
  6. Do a guided meditation.

We recommend some apps that can help you:

  1. Calm
  2. Mind Body Green
  3. Head Space
  4. Color Therapy
  5. Meditopia

Exercise! This will help you to connect with yourself, to free and empty your mind of all your worries. We leave you some recommendations, apps or pages to do it:

  1. App: Butiq Live
  2. Nike Training Club
  3. Instagram: Ko Urban Detox Center
  4. Facebook: Sistema Vanna

Yoga Masters! We know how important yoga is to calm down, so we leave you some to apps and pages to do it:

  1. Instagram: Lima yoga
  2. Instagram: Ko Urban Detox Center
  3. Instagram: Shanti Yoga Studio

Let’s cook for pleasure!

Many times, we feel compelled and even stressed when we have to cook for the next day, for the family, for the night, etc. It is time to look for that delicious recipe, that dessert that we always wanted to prepare and that for lack of time we couldn’t. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Instagram: La Espátula Verde
  2. Instagram: Ximena Llosa
  3. Facebook: Jana Escudero
  4. Instagram: Cukeez


  1. Choose what to read wisely. Take a break from the news, social networks, whatsapp groups, and emails for at least an hour per day.
  2. Make a list of all the things you have been putting off due to lack of time. List them according to how important they are to you. Set a time limit to develop them and start doing them!
  3. Make a list of all your concerns and then brainstorm all possible solutions to each one.
  4. Create a routine and structure for each day (topics of work, leisure, family time, time for yourself, and so on).
  5. Focus mostly on concerns that are under your control, for this it is important to learn to distinguish them.

Here is an example:

Kiara Lelkes
Early Years Psychologist