At Villa Per Se, we have responded to the call of the United Nation to implement the Sustainable Development Goals into our practices through our curriculum, on our campus and in our community.  Included among the goals is number 17, Partnerships for the Goals, which places importance on the collaboration among and between sectors to achieve the goals of a sustainable future. To this end, we belong to several associations and groups to further our impact and increase our capacity.  

Today we held our first meeting with Cámara de Comercio Peruano Nórdica, where we discussed the vision of our collective efforts in light of the Sustainable Development Goals . Even though our group is diverse in our work, we all share common goals within our workplaces and communities of circular economy, inclusion and education. Modeling the Nordic practice of involving the private, public and academia sectors, we aim to create projects that involve actors from each, working together in harmony for the greater good. We look forward to our continued work together and the potential that lies in our partnership.