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Villa Per Se


We are a Peruvian school with an English immersion program and a beautiful campus located in a quiet location facing the ocean.


We have considered the best of the west in terms of technology and meaningful learning projects and the best of the east, such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness. We believe, in accordance with the Finnish educational model, that working through projects and learning different trades is an excellent way to learn, since it provides balance to our students, developing in them in both hemispheres of the brain. We are convinced that Villa Per Se provides students with the tools they need to be successful in life. We take special care of their emotions and feelings because our main objective is to accompany them and help them manage themselves in the best way possible, which is why we take mindfulness very seriously.

Sustainability is one of our fundamental axes, for this reason the care of the environment is integrated into each of our projects. We have also considered, in the annual planning of all grades, the Sustainable Development Goals established by UNESCO.

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2021 – 2022 admissions are open

“A child who achieves inner peace, learns to connect with themselves, manages their emotions, cares for nature, lives a culture of peace and tolerance, is ready to learn without limits and is ready to change the world”

Janice Roeder (Director)
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